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Willerup.dk is a consulting firm with vast experience from the IT sector, where we have assisted companies with handling of IT-projects, managing applications and IT-operations as well as optimising IT-processes.

We have established ourselves as a quality provider of for our clients, with over 25 years of expertise from various sectors.

Our overall aim is to “keep it simple” and to focus on the “need to” – to ensure timely deliveries of value and benefits.

Our speciality is applications, and everything that evolves around applications and managing of applications – ranging from formalising ideas, business cases, handling of systems development projects – agile or waterfall, operations of infrastructure and applications to optimisation of workflows, procedures and processes.

Quality Services

With proven results, we consult with our clients.

Proven Results

With proven results, we consult with our clients..

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Budget-friendly plan that meets your company's requirements.

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We Help You to Unlock Your Potentials

We have established ourselves as one of the preeminent consulting firms among our clients, with over 25 years of expertise and experienced personnel.

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We are a consulting firm that assists start-ups in becoming successful businesses in the market.

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