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Nicolaj Kisby Willerup

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Nicolaj Kisby Willerup

I am a PRINCE2 certified project manager and have worked as a technical project manager since 2005, focusing on managing IT projects – including analysis and needs coverage, requirements specification, system development and implementation of IT solutions, optimization and implementation of processes.


In addition, I have worked with focus on Operations, DevOps and Automation – including Incident & Problem Management, Change & Release Management, Continous Integration, Continous Delivery, and Automation of Test.


In the role as project manager, I have handled many different projects and activities in several different sectors – eg System & web portal development, SAP implementation, DevOps and process development in various industries and companies such as COOP, Maersk, Carlsberg, SKAT, IBM, etc.


I have been in the IT industry for almost 20 years (since 1998), and as a result of my project manager experience, and background as a technical consultant, I am well at home in IT projects, IT operations and activities where there is business , technologies and processes involved, for example, where the purpose is system development & testing, implementation of IT solution or IT infrastructure, IT operations, DevOps or processes.


What I find interesting in project management is to direct projects and project participants through the unknown challenges that projects often encounter. At the same time, I am also interested in clarifying thoughts, wishes and ideas, from stakeholders, in order to better match expectations, because two / need to / nice two, relative to deliveries.



From 2001-2005 (IBM) I have worked as a technical consultant / architect, on all IBM’s hardware platforms – preferably Mainframe, bla. with the transition of existing IT environments to open source solutions, implementation of various applications and IT systems, as well as remedied performance issues.


From 2005-2008 (IBM) I have worked as project manager, where I conducted project management of activities in the area of ​​40-1000 hours. During this period, I have been part-project leader in SAP Development & Implementation, conducted application optimization and Cisco Netscaler implementation.


In addition, I have participated in both insourcing and outsourcing activities in the transport & logistics industry, as well as the role of application manager on the global networking tool in the MPLS network, where I was in charge of 1½ FTE and their activities.


From 2009-2011 (PC-WARE) I have worked as a project manager, with Software Asset Management (SAM) / Virtualization solutions, where I conducted project management of ICT projects and process projects (implementation / optimization), customer coordination SAM (SW compliance) activities, as well as resource allocation of PC-WARE consultants (SAM, Citrix, VMware, Storage & Backup, IT Security).


From 2011-2014 (SKAT) I have worked as a Technical Project Manager / Application Manager, where I conducted business analysis, development and operation of Tast Selvhverv (TSE), as well as technical project management on one stop VAT project. In addition, I was responsible for testing TSE and coordinated test windows, as well as test data for applications under the TSE portal.


From (autumn) 2014- (spring) 2016 (PensionDanmark) I have worked as a technical project manager / application manager where I conducted business analysis, development and operation of 5 EPIServer portals, as well as related development and operation of backends and Microsoft CRM.


From (spring) 2016 (spring) 2017 (COOP) I have worked as a technical project manager / application manager where I conducted business analysis, development and operation of approx. 130 logistics systems.


Common to the above is that I have engaged in the challenges with the “unknown” to clarify thoughts, wishes and ideas to better match expectations, wants, need to / deliver two, to a delivery, but also to Ensure that in the end comes a finished, and useful, delivery.



Focus area:

– Project management / IT

More than 10 years of experience as project manager focusing on system development, implementation of technology and processes. Is focused on keeping things as simple as possible, and getting cleared the need to have and nice to have in relation to business processes and opportunities.


– Operations / IT operations

Great experience in operations (IT operations) of complex IT environments, focusing on improvement / optimization of processes and activities related to IT operations. (Incidents / problems / Changes / releases).


– DevOps

Experience with optimization and automation of technology value chain focusing on continuous integration, continuous delivery and automated testing.

2017/04 – 2017/05, EG, Change & Release Manager


(Delivery to public sector)


Activity/Project description:

Release Manager on EG project (Kommunernes ydelsessystem), and incorporate DevOps methodology


Consultant was responsible for/performed the following:

Develop processes, methods and structure for Configuration Management, Change Management, Test Management & Release Management in the project, allowing continuous use of Continous Delivery (DevOps)

Managing Configuration Management, Change Management and Release Management in the Project to Incorporate Routines (DevOPS / Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery)



AIX, DB2, Microsoft Windows Server, Mainframe, Network, VMWare, UML, SLA, OLA, Service Now, Documentation, System Development, Use case, Process Flowcharts, Feature Description, Business Case, Business Analysis, Project Management, Change Management, Release Managemet, Service Management, Requirements Specification, Incident Management, ITIL, Test Management, Solution / System Design

2016/04 – 2017/03, COOP, Løsnings-ansvarlig




Activity/Project description:

Project Manager, Solution Manager, & Application Manager for COOP Logistics IT Solutions (About 130 Applications)


Consultant was responsible for/performed the following:

Analyse og specifikation af krav til IT-løsninger, samt håndtere ændringsønsker. 

Holde sig opdateret vedr. ønsker og krav fra forretningsorganisationen.

Møder med interne, og eksterne leverandører, herunder opfølgning på kravspecifikation og Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Kommunikation med udviklingsressourcer, samt sikring af fremdrift på leverance.

Gennemføre forbedringer, og fejlrettelser, i tæt samarbejde med leverancecenter i henholdsvis Danmark og Indien.

Fungere som bindeled mellem Projektleder og forretningen.

Udarbejde testcases, test af løsninger, deltage i User Acceptance Test (UAT), samt følge op på udarbejdelse/opdatering af dokumentation.

Håndtere incidents, problems i samarbejde med Dev, Ops og projekt-teams.



AIX, DB2, Microsoft Windows Server, Mainframe, Netværk, VMWare, UML, SLA, OLA, Service Now, Dokumentation, Systemudvikling, Use case, proces-diagrammer, feature-beskrivelse, Business case, Business analysis, projektledelse, Change Management, Release Managemet, Service Management, kravspecification, Incident Management, ITIL, Test management, Løsnings-/system-design


Competences gained:

2014/10 – 2016/03 PensionDanmark, Online Manager



  • Management of Application-management, development- and Hosting providers
  • Coordination between PensionDanmark’s development- and application-management vendors, PensionDanmark’s customer service department, PensionDanmark’s IT department and other suppliers
  • Incorporate new digital trends in current and future solutions
  • Change- & Release-Management, Test-Management, Incident-Management, Problem-management and ongoing prioritization of related tasks
  • provide input, and recommendations, on emerging trends and technology
  • Optimisation of the existing ITIL processes
  • Reporting and monitoring of KPIs and results
  • Follow-up of capacity, performance and ensure adequate monitoring
  • Participate in development with special focus on a stable implementation and subsequent efficient and secure user experience
  • Application Management – Pension Denmark portals (EPI-server)
  • Application Management – Pension Denmark (Microsoft Dyncamics CRM)
  • Application Management – Pension Denmark Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)


Compiled document on “Creation of incidents in ITSM tool”, for internal use

Competences gained:

  • Insight into insurance- and pension-technical factors
  • Knowledge about Epi Server.
2011/05 – 2014/09 SKAT, Systemejer (Application Manager)


  • Project management for development, testing and release of system changes
  • Application Manager on Java-, Oracle-based customer-facing systems
    • TastSelv Erhverv (TSE)
    • Vat On Eservices (VOES)
    • Emoms
  • Technical Project Manager on One Stop Shop development project
  • Operations and maintenance of systems / applications supported by ITIL processes
  • Assess and reconcile change requests, propose technical changes to systems / applications
  • Prepare OLA / SLA with the business responsible for systems / APPlICATIONs
  • Contribute to the preparation and updating of contracts on systems
  • Ensuring / providing 2nd Level support and act as problem manager
  • Responsible for the department’s SharePoint


  • Secured access to System Integration Test Environment (SIT), leaving only responsible vendor able to access, and implement changes in, environment
  • Secured access to production environment, leaving only responsible vendor able to access, and implement changes in, environment
  • Introduced service windows in System Integration Test Environment (SIT)
  • Introduced quality initiatives which led to increased availability for production environment
    • Vendor only access to environments
    • Service windows both for test- and production-environment
    • Structured approach to test of system changes
  • Changed approach to Systems requirements specification
    • Process diagrams to define business processes
    • User-stories
    • Use-cases
    • System requirements lists to define the solution, and distinguish between functional and non-functional requirements

Competences gained:

  • Insight into Public Sector
  • Experience in Software Development
  • Experience with development, and operations, of non-standard web accessible solutions
2009/02 – 2011/04 PC-WARE DK, Projektleder


  • Project manager for PC-WARE DK ICT solutions for customers
  • Software Asset Management Consultant
  • Service Delivery Manager for existing customer solutions
  • Responsible for PC-WARE DK resource allocation and project model
  • Organize training sessions (PC-WARE procedures / methodology)



  • Implementation of Software Asset Management tools in 10+ companies (150.000+ units)
  • Optimized Software Purchasing agreements for 10+ companies

Skills gained:
Experience with software asset management (license management)
Experience with design and optimization of processes

Project Management/IT
PRINCE2 Practioner Certified IPMA D certified
ITIL v3 foundation certified

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